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We are Digital Asset Capital, a global investment company that focuses on fund exchange. Our portfolio of investments is diversified and enables us to earn steady profits and give high returns to our investors.

With years of experience and expertise, our crypto traders work on popular and trusted crypto exchanges. They look for coins and projects that can offer high returns in a short span of time. They also trade with established coins that have solid growth over time. This enables them to deliver dependable results in our semi-automated trading operations.

Our team of Digital Asset Capital experts possess extensive experience and employ advanced trading bots to generate profits in the foreign exchange market. While this investment opportunity is secure and reliable, it may not yield returns as high as those in cryptocurrency trading. Our services cater to investors seeking a dependable and low-risk approach to earning consistent profits over an extended period.

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Begin the process of multiplying your assets immediately by discarding outdated investment methods and exploring the most lucrative and promising opportunity available today - earning profits in the trading market with a seasoned professional in the field, Digital Asset Capital.

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The confidentiality of all information pertaining to our users is of utmost importance to us, and as such, it is strictly safeguarded against any form of disclosure.


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Starter Plan

  • Minimum investments 100 USD
  • Maximum investments 5000 USD
  • ROI 7.50%
  • Duration 5 Days
  • Principal withdrawal Yes
  • Referral 10%

Gold Plan

  • Minimum investments 6000 USD
  • Maximum investments 20000 USD
  • ROI 14.00%
  • Duration 7 Days
  • Principal withdrawal Yes
  • Referral 10%

Platinum Plan

  • Minimum investments 21000 USD
  • Maximum investments 100000000 USD
  • ROI 35.00%
  • Duration 14 Days
  • Principal withdrawal Yes
  • Referral 10%


Investing in Digital Asset Capital can yield profits through deposits and successful trading of our robots. Additionally, meeting specific requirements for structure turnover and personal deposit can result in receiving a licensed copy of our trading robot. Further information can be accessed through the investor's personal account.


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Digital Asset Capital is a globally operating enterprise that specializes in the areas of investment and fund exchange.